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Rwanda – Elections:Dos and don’ts during campaign period

As Rwanda nears the upcoming elections, understanding the regulations governing campaign activities is a crucial for both candidates and voters alike.the electoral framework outlines clear guidelines to ensure fair, transparent,and orderly conduct during the campaign period.

Here’s a closer look at the DOS and DON’Ts that candidates and voters must adhere to.


Campaigning activities or campaign posts are not allowed in clinics, schools, temples,courts of law or public markets.

Moise Bukasa, the National Electoral commission (NEC) communication officer, told the @Newtimes that  these areas are  prohibited because they naturally gather large crowds without any effort from a candidate.


Regulations governing the 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections, according to NEC, prohibited campaign activities include:

*Misusing public resources

*Engaging in bribery or accepting bribes

*Disrupting public peace,unity or security

*Discriminatory practices

*Insulting or defaming other candidates

Other illegal activities:

*Campaigning outside the stipulated election laws and regulations

*Campaigning without notifying authorities as required

*Encouraging actions that disrupt elections processes

*Using national logos on campaign materials

*Misusing another candidate’s credentials

*Utilizing public institutions or company social media platforms for campaigning purposes

*Urging individuals to behave in ways that could disturb the election process

If any questions arise regarding campaign activities, a candidate may submit the issue to the commission.

If the issue is to the commission level,the interested party may approach the competent court.


For indirect elections (where representatives cast votes on behalf of eligible voters), independent candidates, political groups,or associations political groups that have submitted candidates must submit in writing to NEC their campaign activity plans,and assign a copy to the district administration where these activities will take place on later than June 18.

In direct elections (where voters personally cast their votes), the commission informs the candidates and the electoral council of the campaign activity programme,no later than June 16. However,the candidates has the right to prepare their own campaign plan in front of the electorate.

Candidate who wishes to campaign before the electoral council based on their own plan must inform the district administration in writing and assign a copy to the election coordinator at the district level, at least one day before the day they will campaign.

For independent presidential and parliamentary candidate campaign, individuals promoted themselves or by another person authorized by them.

Candidates nominated by political parties shall campaign in accordance with the procedure established by that political party or forum of political parties.A political party that submit a list of deputy candidates can also advertise their support for a presidential candidate from another party or an independent candidates that they support.

Only people registered on the electoral roll are authorized to advertise candidate. Independent candidates or political parties must submit a list of campaign promoters to NEC and the district administration. The person promoting a candidate must carry an original authorisation certificate issued by an independent candidates,a political party,or an association of political parties.

Advertisements can be posted on government buildings determined by the district or sector administration, embassies,consulates, private buildings, vehicles and other personal properties, with appropriate permissions. Candidates must comply with district or sector regulations when posting advertisements.

Paul kagame,Frank Habineza and Mpayimana, the three presidential candidates for the July presidential elections.

Habineza Frank to kicked off campaign in Gasbo, Mpayimana Philippe begins in Kirehe.

Thirty -one candidates will be vying for the two youth slots that are up for grabs in the chamber of deputies.

Rwanda elections to take place on 14th for Rwanda Diaspora, 15th ordinary people living in Rwanda and on 16th for special categories that is to say (youth representative, women and people with disability in parliamentary seat.


Source Courtesy by the @Newtimes Rwanda

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