Sudan War Situation Update

By :Mohamed Hamid Jumaa Nowar

The war is now active in psychological warfare tracks. It raises and lowers breaths only according to the flexibility of employment only; and I said in a forum and platform other than this page that the ability of rapid support to achieve a decisive victory. Through a military operation based on a plan, a leap, and a strike with a strategic goal that changes the balance has become weak if not nonexistent! It may move intensively according to the theory of isolated islands and surprise attacks on the vulnerable flanks on the basis of (keep it hot), which is why it is linked to media and political estimates directed more to the outside than the inside. Inside, the focus will be on noise and pressure on civilians to provide mechanisms of pressure on the psychological cohesion of the army and citizens.
It is now clear that rapid support, after losing the advantage of surprise in the first hours of April 15, 2023, and its accessories of losing the possibility of declaring a statement of control and overthrowing the government, is now losing sight of the current goal of its military operations. It has become entangled and involved in the island and is heading towards losing external supply areas from the western border if it does not escape the trap of the common and seems unable to access the eastern or southeastern borders towards Al Qadarif or Sennar and the Blue Nile.
This (distraction) situation is costly to him in terms of employing the support and panic tactic with a clear lack of review of the fighting elements and has become dependent on the (synthesis) of conscripts and local recruitment elements and perhaps the support of adventurers from the south.
I do not say that the support movements will stop; they will be present, but they will be like requested and executed operations for the purpose of confirming that each commander is in the field until he manages his affairs and options, but the occurrence of a major and serious threatening breakthrough that changes the balance of war in his favor in parts or in the whole picture. I do not think or expect. It will be a caliber that does not hit but stuns, as the Egyptian proverb says.

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