The Battle of El Fasher: The steadfastness of the nation-state and the fall of the project to dismantle Sudan

Ishraqa Sayed Mahmoud
Chairman of the leadership body of the Democratic Unionist Party

*At the gates of El Fasher, the earth shone with the light of its Lord and the book of truth and justice was established. The lights of divine wisdom were revealed in the eternal existence of the state of Sudan, and the people of Sudan were African Arabs who believed in God and whose name is Sudanese, who mixed and coexisted and formed the nation-state and achieved independence and statehood56.

*At the gates of El Fasher, the great project to divide Sudan into Arabs and Africans, a new north and south, north and central, Nili and west fell. The Western world is now in confusion as it watches the North and Central Nile River being the oppressed and oppressed in this war, together with the people of Darfur and all of Sudan. The alleged old theories that are no longer useful in Sudan’s current reality collapse before him.

  • At the gates of El Fasher, the Western world will cut off its old papers on Sudan. Hilda Johnson must have reconsidered her old book. The White House must have reviewed the legacy of Condoleezza Rice and all Western ideas in the project to Africanize Sudan and save the Africans from the oppression of the Arab North and the centralization of Khartoum.
    Decision-making centers in international organizations must have sent requests for scientific and anthropological studies to justify the new reality in the State of Sudan in light of the current war. *The idea of the Nile-Arab North conspiring against El Fasher fell upon the gates of El Fasher, and the war broke out on Darfur and on the north and center from a new people called the Bedouins (with Fath al-Hamza), coming from the desert of the wilderness and the unknown and a life of cruelty and nomadism. They have no project except to make a living for those who use their cruelty and nomadism to colonize peoples. *The unity of the people of Sudan, North, West, Center, East and South, Arabs and Africans, against the foreign invasion at the hands of the militia;
    It appeared in El Fasher, Babanusa, El Obeid, Al Jazira, and Khartoum.
    Where all the people of Sudan with all their guises are fighting the oppressive militia, and many of the Arabs of Darfur and the unionist tribesmen who know Sudan and have lived through its diversity and pluralism and who fear God and may God bestow blessings upon them were not excluded from this historical unity and were not deterred by the arrows of blind fanaticism and sided with their homeland, Sudan.
    *These are the features of the national state and its true character, which blended hundreds of years ago to form the state of Sudan with its people, army, and well-known geography.
  • In the battles of El Fasher, the ancient Sudanese army meets with armed struggle movements and popular resistance of all races, ethnicities, and tribes to defend Darfur and El Fasher. Such a meeting also takes place in defense of the island, where the forces unite with the army in defense of the legacy of their families and grandparents and the flag of independence 56 for which they fought. The people of El Fasher, El Malha, Melit, Tawila, Nyala, Zalingei, Garsila, El Geneina, Masalit, Al Sultan Bahr El Din, El Abyad, Madani, Gezira and Khartoum.
  • In El Fasher now, it is not just a battle; It is the saga of existence and history, and it is the pages of coexistence and intermingling that will not be erased, no matter how much money or weapons the foreign invasion extends.
    *The greatest facts on the land of El Fasher are that the north, central Nile, and the center of Khartoum are not the tyrannical Arabs who are the causes of marginalization. Their reality is African Arabs who mixed and formed the authentic, brown, civilized, strong, intelligent, and courageous Sudanese human being who achieved the independence of Sudan with the rest of the people of Sudan and who formed the state of 1956. Who trained and created the armies of emerging countries, whose human cadres contribute to the renaissance of the world, even Western capitals, in medicine, engineering, economics, administration, law, literature, and other professions and sciences, and who supported the African and Arab liberation movements. Nasser Lumumba defeated Ben Bella and fought in Sinai.
  • Finally, the jewel of the facts is that the battles of El Fasher, Darfur, and Babanusa, even if they were defeated in battle, were victorious in defeating the conspiracy to dismantle the great national state of Sudan.
    Victory comes only from God, the Powerful, the Mighty
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