The disappearance, torture, and murder of Ahfad student Maria Khater by the Rapid Support Militia

Difficult times have been experienced by

 the family of  Maria Mohamed Khatter in Umderman, a local city, Ombada, since the Janjaweed militia besieged the city of Umdurman, the Libyan market area, “Kandarhar” and neighbourhoods, where the population movement was severely controlled by militia members.

In general, women are a direct target of Janjaweed violations. Since the outbreak of the war in Sudan, militias have abducted a large number of women and children who have not yet been found. A person found coincidentally in a very poor state of health due to physical and psychological torture, starvation and many horrific practices.

María was not a warrior in battle and did not belong to any political party, but a victim like thousands of women who paid a heavy price in a war in which they had neither elegance nor sentences. The stories of innocent victims, especially women and children, are varied and are collected by one price they pay: lives lost and amputations of houses violated, displaced and resorted to

Arrest, disappearance and torture

Grandchild student Maria Mohammed Khater walked out of their home in order to search for a communication network to communicate with her family abroad to arrange a situation for their exit from the area after services from power outages, water, fuel access and other basic daily services stalled. As most of the people in the area there is a service “Astar Link” belonging to the militias in the area is the only source of access to the Internet and upon returning home followed by a number of members of the militia and began to ask about the young woman’s possession of a segment of communication she hides to communicate with the police and the military. A force of them searched the house amid intimidation and intimidation of the family with weapons and ended up arresting Maria at the militia headquarters in the same area for five hours, after which several of Harah’s sons intervened. She was released and returned to her family.

Days later, however, the militia raided the house of Martyr Maria on the pretext that she was hiding a slice. This time, the raid was more powerful. The group then beat her in front of her mother and family. All the family’s possessions of furniture from the house where the family had lived for years were looted and all the holdings of the house were taken away.

Enforced disappearance

The militiamen deliberately concealed martyr Maria Muhammad Khater in an undisclosed place for 10 days, leaving the family in a state of anxiety, fear and intimidation. Communication with members of the region’s anchorage did not succeed in knowing the whereabouts of the young woman Maria Khater and remained completely hidden under circumstances that no one knew.

On the tenth day when the logic of “Kandahar” and the Libyan market was destroyed and a large number of rapid support personnel escaped after the end of the battle and during the deluge of some youths from the region found the young woman Maria Khater lying on one of the rapid support anchors in the Amba region and she is in a very serious state of health that cannot talk or move. After carrying her home and examining her from a neighbor (working in nursing), she confirmed that her state of health was deteriorating and should be carried to the hospital.

During the tests, she was found to have been severely beaten in all her bodies, resulting in the loss of a large amount of blood. There were serious violations. Khater had lost the ability to speak due to trauma. She was unable to say any details and was dazed and afraid. She did not eat food and water throughout this period.

But she lost life to leave her with great pain and sadness among her family members inside and outside. The horrors she suffered during the detention result only in her exhausted body and wicked eyes, fearing her silence and failing to describe the suffering that had occurred that ended in her death.

Shaheed’s sister Samia Khater said… Maria was the link between us, the mother and the family. She was innocent and did not commit a crime until she tortured this torment. She said that her mother had been suffering greatly since Maria’s disappearance and believed that her return to them might alleviate the pain of those days, but that she had lost life and left behind her sorrow, sadness and a major wound the size of the wound to the homeland.

Women and war in the Sudan

Women have struggled to survive in the Sudan, especially in areas of armed conflict for more than two decades in an environment often characterized by hostility, systematic violence and marginalization against women. It may even amount to women’s use of a tool of war when they are subjected to physical violence.

Women call upon the international community and international and humanitarian organizations to help women and children save their lives during war and death.

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