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The UN Security Council held a special briefing on the situation in Sudan

The UN Security Council held a special briefing on the situation in Sudan today, Tuesday, June 18, at 10 a.m. US time and 4 p.m. Sudan time, where the Sudanese Family Planning Association presented a statement on Sudanese civil society, presented by Dr. Lamia Abdel Ghaffar, Director of Programs at the Sudanese Association.
It confirmed in its statement to the Council that the conflict in Sudan has led to the death of approximately 16,650 people and the displacement of approximately 10 million, and that there are 10 million people facing the possibility of famine in areas under the control of the Rapid Support Forces.
Gender-based and sexual violence has increased at alarming rates, putting 6.7 million people at risk
Many women and girls were subjected to rape, captivity, and sexual exploitation by Rapid Support in the areas they invaded, during displacement, transit, and temporary shelters.

The Rapid Support Forces committed violations by targeting women and girls by raping and captivating them. The Family Planning Association documented a number of survivors and provided health and sexual services to them.
For his part, Mr. Al-Shafi’ Muhammad Ali, Executive Director, indicated that participating in the UN Security Council session and representing Sudanese civil society came as a culmination of the efforts that the association has been making since April 16, 2023, despite the security threats in all states of Sudan, including states where the conflict is intensifying.
He stated that the participation also came after a joint effort with the group of non-governmental organizations for women, peace and security (an international coalition that includes 18 international organizations). This coalition has been closely monitoring the association’s presence on the ground, and that participation would increase international funding for the response plan in Sudan 2024.
Also supporting national organizations to document human rights violations, especially those committed by the Rapid Support militia against women and girls, forced disappearance, loss of breadwinners, and massacres committed against civilians, the most recent of which is the massacre of the village of Wad al-Noura, and it will not be the last unless there is immediate international action to punish the perpetrators of these crimes.

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