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TSC Member, General Ibrahim Jabir, meets delegation of General Coordination Rizeigat People

A member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council (TSC) and Assistant Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, General Marine Engineer Ibrahim Jabir, met in his office on Thursday the delegation of the General Coordination of Rizeigat People inside and outside the country.
During the meeting, General Jabir stressed the need for concerted official and popular efforts to defeat the rebellion and achieve peace and stability in the country.
The Deputy Head of the General Coordination of the Rizeigat, Muhammad Yusuf al-Tileib, explained, in a press statement, that the meeting came within the framework of the meetings held by the Rizeigat Coordination with TSC members to confirm its support and backing for the armed forces in the Battle of Dignity (Al-Karama) against the terrorist rebel Rapid Support Forces (RSF) militia and to stand in the face of the foreign conspiracy targeting the sovereignty and unity of Sudan.

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