US foreign policy is a big joke


In Libya, Washington is siding with the weakest side in the military because the strongest one is already taken by Russia. The US was late; Tripoli is a safe haven for Islamists, but there is no way to choose the other side. Soon, Russia will build a military base in the East. Washington didn’t help the legitimate government in Tripoli organize the militia into a regular army.

In Sudan, Washington is -technically- siding with the genocidal militia RSF because the UAE is closer to the USA than the Army and the Islamists. Washington is merely paying lip service condemning the flow of weapons that kill Sudanese people because they want to serve the UAE agenda (RSF’s sponsor), which -in the same time- is an ally of Russia in Libya!

US foreign policy is a big joke, actually a silly one.

My advice regarding Sudan is to start an immediate dialogue with the Islamists. I am one of them, proud of that, and I wrote against Russian disinformation in Africa and opposed their military base in East Sudan. But frankly, now I am with the national Army and their choice to protect my country.

I am ready for questions:

  1. What is the difference between an ordinary Muslim and an Islamism follower?
  2. Is it possible for Western civilization and Islamism to coexist?
  3. Do you believe in liberal democracy, where Sharia has no advantage, or do you call for a super-constitutional status for Sharia?

And more questions… Even LGBTQ and “far left” things .. that I don’t like.
I did my part, open for dialogue, and time is running.
I am already in a dialogue in 2024 on what happened in October 2021, was it military coup or not? If you love the past, let us go further to the time of Sodom and Gomorrah, no problem.

I am telling you, the West (USA & EU) is losing Africa to Russia and China every day.

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