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Vice President of the Transitional Council Malik Agar Air Briefed on Sudan’s Participation in Arab Information Ministers’ Meetings in Manama

Port Sudan, June 12, 2024

The Vice President of the Transitional Council, Malik Agar Air, was briefed on the outcomes of the 54th session of the Arab Information Ministers’ Conference held in the Bahraini capital, Manama, and the expected results for the development and growth of the media sector in the Arab world.

In his meeting today in Port Sudan with the Acting Minister of Information, Dr. Graham Abdel Qader, he emphasized the importance of the media’s role at this stage in unifying internal and external discourse, particularly regarding the violations committed by the rebel Rapid Support Forces militia against the Sudanese citizens and their dignity.

He stressed the need to enhance national awareness, reject hate speech, combat racial and tribal tensions, and mend the social fabric, calling for the cohesion of the internal front through various media channels.

He also affirmed the necessity of establishing economic partnerships that serve the sectors of culture, tourism, and media to enable them to fulfill their roles effectively.

For his part, the Minister of Information explained that he briefed the Vice President of the Transitional Council on the outcomes and contents of the Manama conference and the meetings held with Arab Information Ministers, as well as the issues of culture and its requirements and the efforts being made to develop the media, culture, and tourism sectors in a way that contributes to the public interest of the country.

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