Wad AlNoura. Ask the Director of Intelligence. Osama Abdel Majid

¤ It was difficult for many to know the motives that made the militia of the naughty prostitute Hemedti commit crimes, the latest of which was the Wad al-Noura massacre in the island. I am sure that the answer is with the Director of General Intelligence, General Ahmed Mufaddal. which drew attention to the fact that the crimes and violations of the militia were not arbitrary. He said in an enlightenment to reporters two weeks ago or more (it is a picture of the actions of the Islamic State organization in the city of Mosul). A favorite link between the Janjaweed and ISIS has started strangely. Knowing that Isis is a Western creation and the goal of its establishment is to distort the image of Islam and link it to terrorism. And the elimination of the armies and governments of the region and the destruction of the resources and capabilities of countries
¤ After the Wad al-Noura massacre, I remembered a favorite hadith and realized that the crimes of Mosul are the same as massacres
The Janjaweed, and through it was the Daoist surprise about the motives. ISIS occupied Mosul in 2014 and liberated it from its grip in 2017. The pretext of the criminal Hemedti was that his war was against the Islamists, Al-Burhan, and the army leaders. He did not convince the people of his lie, and turned into a libel that his goal was to achieve democracy and laughed at him even his supporters.. Whatever the matter… The horns of the militia describe the citizens as Isis While the opposite is true. This requires that all the people of Sudan prepare for it, not the proof. Today, after the Wad Al-Noura massacre, the goals of the militia.
A video clip appeared yesterday showing a Janjaweed called Ali Majok Al-Mo’men, on Al-Hadath channel facing our colleague Dr. Muzammil Abu Al-Qasim. Majok lied like all Hemedti’s horns when he said: 90% of the people of Wad Al-Noura who were martyred – and the description is from me – are Isis He wants to say that their war is against ISIS. The truth is that the militia committed the Wad al-Noura massacre in an Isis manner with the aim of widening the gap between the army, its leadership, and the people. And to continue destroying the capabilities of the state and the Sudanese people.
¤ What I fear is that the militia will work to prepare the ground for the United States or others to intervene under the pretense of fighting ISIS and Hemedti will be just a tool. In Mosul, Iraq, ISIS turned people’s lives into hell. And they carried out executions by beheading. They killed at least 2,500 civilians, executed about a thousand people. They imposed punishments by amputating fingers and hands and made women “captives”. And they displaced the citizens. They destroyed mosques, churches, and museums, and burned books and manuscripts. They destroyed cultural and religious monuments. Dozens of mass graves were discovered in areas they controlled and in Mosul prison a thousand prisoners were killed.
Today, the militia is committing crimes in areas liberated by the army from its grip. Or that doesn’t fall under its control. Like what happened in terms of bombing of Bakri areas. Thus, it follows in the footsteps of ISIS after the liberation of Mosul. The United Nations says a number of civilians have been killed by ISIS shelling or improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in areas of Mosul that the Iraqi government has recaptured. Civilians were killed and wounded during suicide attacks, sniping, and shelling, carried out by ISIS deliberately targeting. Civilians and their homes directly.
I ask you to read an article by the Turkish academic Dr. Yasin Aktay under the title (Can ISIS Save Israel?). On the site (Al Jazeera Net)
By reflecting on the ISIS model alone, we can see how the scarecrow of “Islamic terrorism” promoted by the West and Israel has become exposed to lies and fragility. Is there anyone who does not yet know who ISIS is? Who made it? Who benefits from it and reaps the fruits of its efforts? Washington has commented on the terrorist attack that took place in late March at a Moscow entertainment center, where it announced that it had received intelligence some time ago about this attack,.
The United States entered Syria under the slogan of eliminating President Bashar al-Assad, and their goal suddenly shifted to become the fight against ISIS the most important issue, and the project to eliminate Assad dies, and things even stabilize for him. For the Western camp, the equation was clear: Assad’s departure and the Syrian people’s assumption of power pose an untolerable security threat to Israel.
The United States and ISIS have worked hand in hand and in full coordination in the fight against the Syrian people – Assad’s victim – instead of fighting Assad himself, and when the presence of ISIS fighters became more than needed in the Syrian arena, the United States itself flew ISIS with its planes to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban, America’s main enemy. But the latter was not an easy bite to swallow, and yet its members are still lurking there, waiting for an opportunity to destroy the stability and security that the country has recently begun to experience There is frequent information that leaves no doubt about the relationship between ISIS and the United States in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. Despite this, America is still trying to use this exposed card in Moscow to rally the world.
¤ Whatever the matter… The horns of the militia describe the citizens as Isis While the opposite is true. This requires that all the people of Sudan prepare for it, not the proof

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