A message to the Commander-in-Chief

By/El-Hindi Ezz El-deen

Mr. President of the Sovereignty Council and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Al-Burhan, must look outside the Port Sudan-Shendi-Wadi Sidna circle, and be open to political initiatives to end the war, on fair grounds that respect the opinion of the Sudanese people.
If the mediators ask him to cease fire, let him cease fire, even for a period, in preparation for a comprehensive political solution.
~ As for the leader of the rebellion, Hemedti, before the war, was the vice president of the state with power, wealth, and influence. What is his status now?
The plan to control power did not succeed, despite the militia’s expansion into a number of states in Darfur and central Sudan.
He must accept the ceasefire, leave the cities, and exit the political process while integrating all forces into the Sudanese army.

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