The most prominent testimonies from General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo – in his interview on Sudanese 24 *

-Regarding the talk about that we are part of the sit-in disperse, how did we disperse the sit-in, and we were the ones who stopped 13 tanks that moved from armor through irregular points that would have turned the sit-in to the ashes on April 11th.

  • In our meetings as a military council, we spoke with the National Congress and agreed with them not to work in politics in the 3 years of transitional period and not to participate in the elections and they agreed to trail all of the criminals and spoilers of the previous regime, they conditional not to be targeted, but after we became honorable happened what is happening now and the National Congress moved Because it felt targeted.

-The presence of members of the previous regime in prison for a year (is wrong) and a “big mistake” not presenting them to trials as there are apparent evidences.

-Meetings Minutes witness that we have been calling for justice and non-politicization. We refused to appoint legal professionals in the past because we have received reports that they are political activists.

  • The Higher Committee of Health Meetings has received significant support to tackle the Corona pandemic and it is able to improve the current situation if they used the aids in a better way.

-Doctors have rights, just as citizens does. Doctors are supposed to be provided with preventive aids before protecting them from attacks, but now there are those who die because of hospitals shut down and doctors fear.

  • When the change took place, there was a liquidity crisis and we found in Bank of Sudan treasury 17 million pounds, we worked on some procedures and entered all the money into central bank treasury and we provided 28 billion to the bank and after the payment of salaries we provided 35 billion to the bank treasury.

-Appreciation return to the Saudis and the Emirates for their support to Sudan after the change with $ 3 billion, of which we received from it $ 500 million and the rest was stopped due to some problems, and was directed at that time not to make use of the 500 and to be turned over to the transitional government.

At that time I was not satisfied with the price of Bank of Sudan and I calculated on the price of the black market. We handed the transitional government $ 2 billion, 120 billion Sudanese pounds, and another 200 billion were coming on the way.

I refused to head the Economic Committee at first because it was a flaccid committee with 13 people who were not proficient from the Rapid support and i apologized for its chairmanship and asked the Prime Minister to manage it, but he did not proceed with it because he has other problems to be solved.


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