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UNAMID and the African Union affirm their support for Sudan for the success of the weapons collection campaign

Khartoum 28-5-2020

   Sudan affirmed its commitment and seriousness in moving forward with the campaign to collect weapons and unregulated vehicles with full force until a weapons-free Sudan is reached.

   The Technical Committee of the Supreme Committee for Collection of Weapons and Unregulated Vehicles in its coordination meeting chaired by Major General Othman Mohamed Hamed, a member of the Committee, held with the UNAMID mission in Khartoum at the Republican Palace today, and the mission office in Zalingei, capital of Central Darfur state, confirmed via video conference, confirmed that the campaign will be strong It will not exclude anyone in the framework of the pilot project and the partnership that Sudan signed with the African Union to silence guns in the year 2020.

    Major General Dr. Abdul-Hadi Abdullah Othman, rapporteur and coordinator of the Supreme Committee for the Collection of Weapons, Unregulated Vehicles and the Spokesman for the Committee, said in a press statement that the UNAMID and the African Union confirmed in the meeting their active participation in the national project for collecting weapons in Sudan, noting that the African Union presented An invitation to Sudan to present its successful experience in this field by holding exhibitions and seminars during the regular summit of the African Union in mid-June, and the semi-annual summit of the African Union during next July in Ethiopia, and in the coordination session held in Chad from July 2-4, with the aim of Benefiting from it in African countries and to provide the necessary support to Sudan and enabling it to succeed in the project of collecting weapons campaign.

    Major-General Abdel-Hadi added that the Supreme Committee for Collecting Weapons and Unregulated Vehicles appeals to citizens not to expose themselves to accountability, and to hand over illegal weapons to their security services that will fully perform their duties until this is achieved by the slogan of gun silencing and Sudan’s freedom from weapons in the year 2020.

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