Lieutenant General Daglo discusses with the Head of the UNAMID mission the latest developments in Kalma camp.

Khartoum 6-14-2020

   The First Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Lieutenant General Muhammad Hamdan Daglo affirmed the state’s responsibility to protect civilians inside its territories and prevent any clashes between different societies in the camps for the displaced in Darfur states.

   During The meeting in his office today, the head of the UNAMID mission Jeremiah Mamabolo pledged to discuss the latest developments in the Kalma camp, conduct a judicial investigation, and bring those responsible for the heinous accident to justice.    To that, the head of the UNAMID mission, Jaramaya Mamabolo, said in a press statement, after the meeting, that he offered condolences to those who lost their lives in the unfortunate criminal incident, and commended the effort and great work done by the Rapid Support Forces in controlling the situation and preventing any reprisals, by deploying outside The camp, noting that the readiness and speed of the Rapid Support Forces had the highest defiance in controlling the situation, and Germaya indicated that the UNAMID forces present inside the camp, which were reinforced by additional forces in solidarity with the Rapid Support Forces, were able to ward off any attack on the camp due to feelings of sadness and sadness Among the families of the missing, he added, that UNAMID forces will provide what they can provide as an observer, and will do everything in their power so that the Sudanese justice and police forces can conduct an investigation and arrest the perpetrators and bring them to ju


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