Kabashi confirms the positive role of the civil administration in peaceful coexistence and improving the social fabric of the country.

Khartoum 7-7-2020
Translated by Ahmed Hussain

The transitional sovereign council member, Lieutenant General Shamsuddin Kabashi, affirmed the state’s readiness and support for all initiatives that contribute to promoting peace, security and stability in the country.
This came when he received today, in his office in the Presidential Palace, the initiative of the Principality of the All-Tribes of Dar Hamar.

Prince Menem Abdel-Qader Mansour, undersecretary of the Emirate of Dar Hamar tribes, said that this initiative aims to establish an inclusive conference for all tribal leaders of Sudan to discuss the most important issues and find radical solutions to all tribal problems in different regions, noting that a binding document will be signed for all tribes in order to preserve peace and peaceful coexistence Between the different components and work on darning the social fabric.
And he said that the civil administration should work to lead the path of peaceful coexistence between the various components, indicating that the country is going through an exceptional stage that requires the concerted efforts of all groups of the Sudanese people to play positive roles towards peace and nation-building.

He explained that the Lieutenant General Kabashi promised to present this initiative to the Transitional Sovereignty Council and their partners in the forces of the declaration of freedom and change.
Prince Menem Abdel-Qader appealed to all parties to speed up joining the peace process so that the Sudanese people can enjoy the establishment of a strong state that takes care of the rights of citizenship and peaceful coexistence among the people of the same people.

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