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Explosives found in Khartoum

Translated by Ahmed Hussain
16/09/2020 Khartoum

In an exclusive testimony for the Brown Land website, the Rapid Support Forces spokesperson, Brigadier General Jamal Jumaa, confirmed that a group had been arrested in possession of huge quantities of explosive materials, which could be the nucleus of terrorist acts through their various and legitimate uses, such as civil mining and other such uses Materials. He also noted the danger of trading in such materials, and confirmed the arrest of a cell in possession of a large amount of explosives.
He pointed out that the explosives include 850 plates of TNT, 3594 blasting caps, and four nitrate powder sacks.
He revealed that part of the seized explosives was used in an attempt to blow up the motorcade of Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok last March
He noted that explosives were leaked from official areas, and said that the explosives were trafficked through closed cells.

The Sudanese Attorney General, Taj Al-Sir Ali Al-Haber, announced today, Wednesday, that what he described as a terrorist cell and a large amount of explosives had been seized in the capital, Khartoum.
“The Rapid Support Forces set up 12 ambushes, which resulted in the seizure of 41 terrorists and dangerous explosive materials that could blow up the entire capital,” al-Haber said in a press conference.

He added, “We seized huge quantities of ammonium nitrate in raids” east of the Nile in the capital, stressing that the seized explosives are very dangerous, including materials similar to the ones that destroyed Beirut port.
The Public Prosecutor admitted during a press conference at the Public Prosecution headquarters in Khartoum that the Sudanese authorities had detected the emergence of “terrorist cells” in Khartoum and were working to dismantle them.
He added that investigations are still continuing to find out the plan and motives of this terrorist cell and how they obtained these weapons, especially since the seized explosives are very advanced and are obtained from military factories.

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