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Sudan revolution … disappointment

Wrote by : mohammed Saad
Translated by Ahmed Hussain

In the wake of the distress that is at least described as catastrophic in Sudan, Dr. Abdullah Hamdok, Prime Minister, confirmed that the transitional government is working in very complicated internal and external circumstances, in reference to the economic collapse in Sudan, which the transitional government has failed to correct and to lay down plans to confront it, or at least Acknowledge it ..

Hamdok said in an interview broadcast by Sky News Yesterday , Wednesday 9-9-2020, that any talk about peace that did not address the roots of the crisis is incorrect, stressing that what happened in Juba, real peace will contribute to stopping the war, and that it is a stage agreement towards achieving peace with all Armed movements.

The Prime Minister indicated that what happened in Addis Ababa with the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in the North, led by Abdel Aziz Al-Hilu, were two documents, and that they agreed on a joint statement and a joint declaration.

Hamdok said, “We are confident that a solution can be found on the Renaissance Dam file.”

It is clear that the deterioration of the infrastructure has exacerbated the flood crisis and the torrents, and we have indicated that it is a natural disaster associated with the excessive rate of rain.

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