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The real challenge for the transitional government is achieving peace

Translated by Ahmed Hussain

Professor Muhammad Hassan Al-Taishi member of the Transitional Sovereign Council said that the government of the transitional period is fully aware that the challenge it faces now is achieving peace and implementing the peace agreement, indicating that the agreement addressed the main causes that led to the war and worked to address them.

The member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, when addressing the forum (Reading in Juba Documents) organized by the Taiba Press Center today, explained that the Juba Agreement, which will be signed on the third of next October, approved the federal system of government, which is based on 8 regions with real powers , and that the rights of citizens be based on The basis of citizenship, and that all of this should be guaranteed in the next constitution.

Al-Taishi pointed out that a conference on governance and administration will be held within six months of the signing of the peace agreement, whose task will be to set boundaries between regions, federal levels of government, regional governance structure and the authorities of local governments.

The member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council stated that the agreement dealt with the developmental imbalances that caused the war in the country, adding that the agreement specified the foundations according to which resources will be divided between the center and the states, where the revenue allocation commission will be responsible for apportioning resources.

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