Hamdouk Affirms Support to Agriculture and Announces Establishment of Agricultural Finance Portfolio

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Khartoum – The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, has affirmed his full support to the agricultural sector and its progress through the use of modern technologies and concern with the processing industries, stressing the importance of reverse migration to the rural areas and cultivation in the spirit of change and hope to combat poverty and hunger.

He announced the establishment of an agricultural finance portfolio.

Addressing the Comprehensive National Agricultural Conference towards Effective Policies and Strategies for Progress of the Agricultural Sector Monday at the Friendship Hall, Dr. Hamdouk said “We are facing a great challenge, and we must all plant the seeds of change and hope for a Sudan that is free of hunger, civilized and developed that accommodates all.”

Dr. Hamdouk renewed his full support of the agricultural sector through finance policies for the sector, stating that “We aspire today for reverse migration to the countryside, and its construction can only be achieved through a sustainable progress”.

He asserted the importance of the use of modern technologies according to established plans for development of the agricultural sector.

He stressed the importance of reconsidering the policies and drawing up a comprehensive short and long-term strategic plan that gives concern to the axis of agricultural financing and productive family projects, pointing out that one of the most important goals of the transitional period is to build an attractive ground for investment in order to increase the production and to improve the agricultural sector using modern technologies.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the Juba peace agreement is one of the most important achievements of the transitional period in confronting the roots of the Sudanese problem, adding that convening of the conference aims to address the economic crisis and to achieve the Sudanese dream.

He called on the conferees to come out with recommendations that will lead to an agricultural renaissance.

The Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Al-Tahir Harbi, said that the aim of the conference is to reformulate the policies and strategies that organize and promote the agricultural sector and come out with a comprehensive vision for the country’s development through agriculture.

He said that the conference would be held annually with the aim to achieving the goals, announcing the introduction of agricultural inputs to meet the needs of the summer agricultural season.

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