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Rehabilitation of Gezira Scheme Needs US$1 Billion

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The Gezira Scheme governor has announced the launching of a campaign to rehabilitate and reconstruct the scheme, considering it as the largest economic project in Sudan.

According to the Governor of the Scheme, the launching of the campaign represents a new starting point for the transitional government’s mission.

The Gezira Scheme, which was established early in the 20th century, is one of the largest irrigation projects worldwide, and was since its establishment one of the major resources of Sudan due to its vast area which exceeds 2 million acres.

The governor enumerated the created direct and indirect manpower opportunities, pointing out to the existence of more than 4 million people depending on the project in their livelihood including the farmers, their families, permanent staff, seasonal workers and the citizens of the state whose commercial interests are linked to the project through the services they are providing.

The revealed reasons behind the collapse of the project and the failure of the previous attempts of rehabilitation were represented by the lack of main infrastructure, not-utilizing the digital systems, and the legal problems.

He added that since his appointment as governor of the scheme, he worked on evaluating its assets besides conducting studies on the requirements to revive the project to be included in an integrated feasibility study according to which short, medium, and long term strategies could be implemented.

The governor expressed hope that, despite the challenges, their effort will be a step in the correct track for the revival of the scheme through utilizing the latest technology and redirecting the manpower towards the transformative industries.

This will play a crucial role in utilizing the capabilities of the scheme to the maximum, hence achieving the added value to the products to compete internationally.

“We need about US$1 billion to rehabilitate the irrigation system, main infrastructure and the agricultural engineering” said Dr. Omar Marzouq, Governor of the Gezira Scheme.

He called for joint efforts to develop the Gezira Scheme strategy, announcing the openness of the scheme to accept investment, financial and in-kind contributions to support the rehabilitation campaign of this lofty edifice.

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