Sovereignty Council: Spreading of Weapons Threatens Peace and Stability

Staff Writer

Khartoum – The Secretary General of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Gen. Mohamed Al-Ghali Ali Yousif, pointed out that the spreading, possession and illicit circulation of weapons by civilians is the greatest threat to peace and stability and causes grave risks to lives of people and properties.

Addressing the Seminar on the National Project for Collection of Weapons Monday at the Republican Palace, Gen. Yousif said that the societal and civil conflicts fueled by the illicit spread of weapons have resulted in the wasting of resources, impeding development, migration, displacement, refuge and casualties as well as the missing of people and many orphans.

He said that the government of the glorious December Revolution has realized the importance of addressing the phenomenon of arms spreading due to its impact on public safety, therefore it reconstituted the Supreme Committee for the Collection of Illegal Weapons and Vehicles, headed by the First Vice President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, and formed technical committees in the states headed by the governors and provided technical support and budgets to the committee to stop the spread of weapons and to provide protection for the citizens. .

The Secretary-General of the Sovereignty Council has praised the peace partners and leaders of the armed struggle movements for their pivotal and leading role in protecting the civilians and expanding security through the implementation of the Security Arrangements Protocol and the items of the Juba Peace Agreement and contributing to maximizing the positive impact of the arms collection project on national and regional security.

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