Sudan Vice-Chair for the Climate Risks Facing Africa Conference

Staff Writer

Khartoum – The African Ministerial Conference of Ministers concerned with meteorology affairs, held yesterday, elected Cameroon to chair the Climate Risks Facing Africa Conference, and Sudan as the first vice-chair of the conference.

The Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Professor Yasser Abbas participated in the conference that was held online, in the presence of ministers from about 50 countries, with wide participation from international and regional organizations interested in weather and climate services.

The conference discussed all the challenges and risks facing the continent and the importance of cooperation in addressing them by developing the capabilities of the meteorological and water facilities.

The sessions concluded with the approval of recommendations and the issuance of the African Ministerial Declaration.

The conference also adopted the Abidjan Declaration for Technical Cooperation, including ensuring a smooth transition from the use of the second generation of the satellite (METOSAT 2) to the third generation satellite (METOSAT 3), which will be launched this year to monitor the weather and climate of the continents of Europe and Africa, and to enrich data in particular on the African continent to compensate for the coverage deficit.

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