American Company (GCMS) commits to providing spare parts for electricity in Sudan

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Khartoum – American company (GCMS) affirmed its commitment to providing aspirators and urgent spare parts for generating electricity within the framework of cooperation with the electricity sector in Sudan.

This came during a meeting between the Minister of Energy and Oil, Eng. Jaden Ali Obaid, in his office today, with the company’s delegation headed by Matt Smok, the Executive Director of the company, in the presence of the General Manager of the Holding Company for Electricity and the company’s regional director.

The meeting discussed the importance of American cooperation with Sudan in the electricity sector.

The Minister of Energy and Oil promised to pay the company’s liabilities on the electricity sector, directing the renewal of the contract and the letter of guarantee with the company and the continuation of cooperation, expressing his thanks to the company’s delegation for understanding the current conditions of Sudan and continuing its commitment to providing what’s necessary.

The minister emphasized the importance of benefiting from the project in the fields of electricity and other fields, directing the Sudanese Electricity Holding Company in coordination with the American company, promising to coordinate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Council of Ministers to make the most of the US grant project to Africa in the fields of energy and oil in light of Sudan’s current needs for electricity.

For his part, the director of the Bahri Gas Station, Eng. Abdullah Bella, confirmed the readiness of the electricity projects that could be proposed to benefit from the American grant project for Africa to finance it.

GCMS has been working in Sudan since last year through its contract with the electricity sector in the field of providing aspirations and spare parts for power plants and services. It is one of the first American companies that started dealing with Sudan after the ban on bank transfers was lifted and work was stopped for months, but the company’s delegation committed to resuming the supply of urgent spare parts as soon as possible.

On the sidelines of the meeting, the delegation of the American company presented to Sudan the importance of benefiting from the American grant project for Africa (PROSPER AFRICA), which works to finance all projects presented and ready for implementation of various kinds in the field of infrastructure, provided that it is implemented by an American company, noting that, among African countries, the priority goes to at this stage due to a circumstance known to the international community.

The delegation asserted that Sudan has not yet benefited from this opportunity except by the amount of six million dollars only, at a time when this grant is open-ended, and it can continue to finance project after project for a period of more than ten years, with electricity projects in Sudan under consideration.

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