Banning use of mills and mixers in residential and agricultural areas of Nile River

Staff Writer

Atbara 3-4-2021 — Governor of the Nile River, Dr. Amna Ahmed Al-Makki, issued a temporary state decree prohibiting the use of mills and mixers in residential and agricultural areas and grazing areas in the remnants of traditional mining (kurta) and thiourea in mining areas.

Under this decree, issued Thursday, the use of thiourea or any other chemicals was prohibited and the use of mixers in the random mining process in residential, agricultural and pastoral areas, and the decree prohibited the storage and grinding of the ball in residential and agricultural places and grazing areas.

The decree gave all workers in the concerned sector 15 days to transfer the remnants of traditional mining from their sites to the licensed markets for treatment through the licensed companies in accordance with the environmental requirements regulating this. The decree emphasized the prevention of resistance by the competent authorities or refusal to comply with the orders of the directives issued by them.

The decree stipulated penalties starting with imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months or a fine (50,000) pounds, or both. In addition to the confiscation of lands and the tools or means used in the violation in favor of the state government.

The decree also granted the competent authorities the full authority to stop the violating person from working and engaging in any mining activity at the site of the violation or in the entire state.

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