Hamdok reviews investment opportunities with the US-Sudanese Business Council

Staff Writer

Khartoum 1-4-2021 — The Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdok, on Wednesday evening, via video conference technology, at a meeting of the American-Sudanese Business Council, to discuss investment opportunities in Sudan, in the presence of the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Gabriel Ibrahim and Minister of Agriculture and Forestry d. Al-Taher Harbi, a number of Sudanese businessmen and bank managers, with the participation of officials from the American administration, the African Development Bank, and representatives of a number of large American and international companies.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister reviewed investment opportunities in Sudan and the government’s vision for the required reforms in various sectors, explaining that the country has natural resources and various investment potentials, stressing at the same time the importance of linking the agricultural sector to industrialization and maximizing front and back relationships and added value instead of exporting raw materials.

During the meeting, representatives of American companies praised the government’s achievements, foremost of which is Sudan’s exit from the list of countries that sponsor terrorism, economic reforms and the change of the investment law, noting that these achievements will contribute strongly to creating a favorable environment for foreign investors to invest in Sudan.

A number of representatives of American companies expressed their happiness with Sudan’s openness to the outside world, affirming their desire to develop economic relations with Sudan.

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