Start of technical workshop activities for Conference on Governance System in Sudan

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Khartoum — The technical workshop of the Conference on the System of Government in the Sudan was launched today in the Friendship Hall in Khartoum, under the slogan “Good Governance and Sustainable Development”.

In the presence of a member of the Sovereignty Council and Chairman of the Supreme Committee of the Conference on the Governance System in Sudan, Professor Muhammad Hassan Al-Taishi, and amid wide participation from state governors, state government secretaries, representatives of the Forces of Freedom and Change, Resistance Committees and Native Administration, as well as experts and those interested in the fields of administration and local governance.

Ms. Buthaina Dinar, Minister of Federal Government, during her address today at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum, the Technical Workshop of the Conference on the System of Government in Sudan, explained that the holding of this workshop comes in implementation of the Juba Peace Agreement for Sudan, which approved the regional system of government on a federal basis and said that the regional system of governance achieves peace and developmental balance, indicating that Her ministry took care of the careful scientific preparation and the preparation of papers for the conference, with the participation of professors, experts, and those interested in governance issues.

The Minister indicated that the workshop supports the implementation of the peace agreement and works for the success of the political transition that was achieved thanks to the sacrifices of the martyrs of the national struggle and the revolutionaries of the glorious December revolution, and indicated that the conference will work to ensure broad participation of all segments of Sudanese society in its religious, social and cultural diversity.

For his part, Professor Khamis Abdullah Abkar, the representative of the parties to the peace process, stressed the importance of holding this workshop, especially in a country like Sudan characterized by the diversity of religions, cultures and ethnicities, indicating that the strength of federalism lies in respecting the rights of minorities and taking into account their religious and cultural peculiarities, calling for the need to benefit from the experiences of other countries in the field of federal governance.

Khamis added that this workshop is the most important event that Sudan witnessed after the success of the glorious December revolution, stressing the keenness of the parties to the peace process for the success of the ruling system conference, considering it the conference that leads to national harmony and sustainable development.

To that, Mr. Jaafar Hassan, representative of the Forces of Freedom and Change, said that the workshop comes within the framework of addressing the failures of the Sudanese state in managing religious, cultural and ethnic diversity, indicating that the workshop represents one of the pillars of the future of the Sudanese state in order to answer the question of how Sudan is governed? Stressing the necessity of the participation of all the people of Sudan in the conference of the system of government, so that it is not an elitist and elite act.

The representative of the Forces of Freedom and Change called on the media to enlighten and enlighten the public about the importance of the conference of the ruling system in Sudan in achieving peace and stability, and said that the former regime worked to distribute the states on racial and ethnic grounds that harmed the security and stability of the country and said that the Juba agreement came to achieve compromise over the management of the Sudanese state.

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