Sudatel meets with delegation from Ministry of Communications to Activate Blockchain Technology

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Khartoum — Within the framework of the strategic vision of the Ministry of Communications and Digital Transformation and the transfer of modern technology experiences, the CEO and General Manager of Sudatel Telecom Group participated in the activities of the first Blockchain Forum in Sudan, which was held from 8 – 9 April 2021 at Al Salam Hotel in Khartoum, in which many papers were presented detailing the scientific and global experiences of the uses of Blockchain technologies.

It is a distributed database characterized by its ability to manage an ever-growing list of records known as a block, where the blockchain is secure by design and is an example of a distributed computing system with strict auditing.

This technology in it’s description includes high transparency and fights corruption, especially in records such as land recods, financial statements and others, as well as assisting in statistics, civil registry and achieving financial inclusion with high accuracy.

Therefore, due to the importance of this high technology, Sudatel Group made a generous invitation to the Ministry of Communications and Digital Transformation and the companies that participated in the forum to visit the group’s presidency to get to know Sudatel Group, and the response was generous from the delegation headed by Counselor Mohamed Hassan Saad Eddin, Mr Ahmed Youssef and Mr Jimmy Nguyen.

This delegation met with Eng. Magdy Taha, Chief Executive Officer and Counselor Hisham Abu Sham, Engineer Muhammad Al-Fateh Al-Tijani and Engineer Osama Muhammad Khair, as the content of the meeting, was to think about the possibility of building strategic relationships and partnerships

contributing to the acceleration of the use of blockchain technologies in the implementation of digital transformation programs in Sudan, which is one of the most important objectives of the Ministry of Communications and Digital Transformation, which it seeks to achieve soon.

It is worth noting that Blockchain is considered one of the latest technologies used worldwide in digital transformation applications because it provides high standards of reliability, transparency and security.

Woth hope that the use of this technology in various official, social and economic fields, eventually leads to an advanced society that saves effort and time and reflects positively on people’s livelihood.

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