Paris Conference

Mohammed Saad

There are no other talks these days among the Sudanese than the high hopes for the Paris Conference for Supporting Sudan and its arrangements, considering that it represents the only savior to the Sudanese collapsing economy and that Sudan will be among the giant states.

As expected of such occasions, rumors spread, spread to the extent that we published an essay in Brown Land about what we had thought was the organizing company for the conference; called Noble.

After tireless investigation, we came to know that Noble Capital Group UK had nothing to do with Paris Conference, as it is working in other, under-preparation activity, for an American/Sudanese investment conference.

The source who provided the information requested not to disclose it, but his speech raised several questions about the date of the conference, how Noble was chosen by USAID to carry out studies on investment in Sudan, and what are the standards that USAID adheres to towards the companies it works for.

We promise our readers to follow the file until it is published, after contacting USAID to uncover all the facts.

As was expected the government started its promoting campaign to prepare for the conference that the French president will organize this month in support of the democratic transition in Sudan.

According to the government officials, the conference would mark Sudan’s reintegration into the international community, encourage the return of investors, bankers and businessmen to Sudan and prepare for the launch of Sudan’s debt relief process.

But some observers are belittling the positive effect of the conference and as an evidence we have published in one of our essays in this paper that there are leaked information that a company called Noble is assigned to deal with the presentation of Sudan’s dossier in Paris conference.

However, after thorough investigations we came to know that the information was untrue, but we will continue our attempts to get the correct information from the transitional government, which up to this moment did not reveal any information or even allow to access of information. We now know from our sources that Noble is assigned to another mission.

Back to Paris Conference, there are several questions which should be answered, on top of which:

Is the government well prepared for the conference through its providing appropriate information about investment opportunities in Sudan?

What are the expectations of the positive responses from the investors who are recognizing the transitional foggy stage which has no concrete guarantees to protect the investors?

What will be said to the investors about the collapsing economy and the lack of the main infrastructure for the investors e.g. power supply, roads, railways, etc…?

It is good that the government recognized that it is the appropriate time to adapt huge developmental projects by the businessmen and foreign partnerships which will contribute to recruiting a big number of Sudanese besides its contributing to the national revenue.

Our message to those going to Paris Conference is to present strong stories to support the idea of attracting foreign investors to work in Sudan, otherwise, the outcome of the conference will be conclusive applause.

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