UNESCO congratulates Sudanese journalists on World Press Freedom Day

Staff Writer

Khartoum — The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Khartoum Office congratulated the press circles in Sudan on the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day, which falls on the third of May of each year under the slogan (Ownership of information as a public good), wishing Sudanese press and media have an advanced role in serving society and humanity.

In a press release today, UNESCO renewed its support for them to promote the UNESCO mission by building and disseminating a culture of peace and rejecting hate speech and violence.

UNESCO has traditionally included the participation of male / female journalists in Sudan to celebrate this anniversary and share their aspirations for a free press and a journalistic environment free from fear and restrictions on freedoms.

It also appreciated the efforts made by male and female journalists not only to overcome the complexities of field work imposed by the Corona pandemic; Rather, it advances awareness and press coverage of the pandemic and the challenges it has resulted from, and publishes facts and statistics.

And UNESCO indicated that it is working closely with the Ministry of Culture and Information and the journalistic community in Sudan to review policies and laws in the field of media and build and strengthen the capacities of journalists and women journalists in various states of Sudan. It renewed its readiness to continue its efforts to build and strengthen capacities and enable freedom of the media and unrestricted access to sources of information in accordance with the slogan of celebrating this year’s World Press Freedom Day (ownership of information as a public good); Besides upgrading the standards and ethics of the profession

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