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United States Pledges 700 Million Dollars to Sudan

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Khartoum — In the Sudanese American Friendship Association’s first yearly Ramadan dinner today, two of the American embassy’s Economic Officers were invited to attend and addressed the Sudanese American Friendship Association in support of their effort, announcing an investment conference hosted by Washington and aid to Sudan amounting to 700 million US Dollars. The Sudanese American Friendship Association, in turn, announced the subject of the coming event being “Agricultural Investment in Sudan”. A monumental effort that aims to make Sudan a more tempting investment opportunity for foreign investors.

Michael Pennell – Economic Officer

Our Focus in Sudan is engagement, I am in almost regular contact with American companies and American investors who are interested in opportunities in Sudan, and like-wise I would like to open a channel with Sudanese investors and business people who are looking for linkages with American companies.

I’d also like to make your acquaintance. Thank you all so much for inviting us over, thank you very much.

Robert Newsome – Deputy Economic Officer

I’m the US embassy’s political-economic deputy, I work with Mike on economic and commercial issues.
I think many of you have heard me speak before so I will be brief.

The US government is working with some of our partners to support Sudan in dept relief. We are providing assistance to Sudan, we have 700 million dollars in this current year that has been allocated for the country.

Mike had mentioned the commercial relationships between the United States and Sudan that we wish to foster, Washington will be sponsoring an investment conference later this year, we very much hope to build on the success of the investment conference in Paris.

Hatim Abu-Groun, Vice President of the Sudanese American Friendship Association

We are happy today to meet under the umbrella of the Sudanese American Friendship Association, in the yearly Iftar, which is the first one for the association in its new cycle. Which will go on for four more years.

Today we have been honored by two of the economic sector’s members of the US embassy. And we also received businessmen from many fields. We have discussed some of the developments in regards to the coming second event which will be about agricultural investments, ironing out its problems and hurdles in Sudan.

We will partner with the US embassy to coordinate solutions with us, to make a practical pilot project, choosing a company or a group of companies to bring agricultural technology into agriculture investment in Sudan.

This project will hopefully be a core to kickstarting foreign interest in investment in Sudan.

Can we say that the American government preferred dealing with the Revolution that happened in Sudan and popular initiatives over official channels?

Popular diplomacy has always spoken from heart to heart and speaks to the populace regardless of politics or ideological tactics. Official channels always have specifics, protocols to follow, and bureaucracy that slows progress and makes it less accomplished when compared to popular diplomacy. Because popular diplomacy has many doors and it will always connect the populace regardless of what any regime or government does.

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