Rights vs. Dreams

Muawad Mustafa Rashid

We did not dream of taking part in the World Cup Tournament, a dream perceived by many unattainable and possible for some others in years to come if only we planned well for it like others.

A guy from the developed world as an aid to have asked another man from the third world about what his dreams were?

“A decent house, lucrative job and wife,” replied the man.

“These are your rights, I man your dreams”, reiterated the first man.

Man is always expected to respect his mind, potentials and realize that he is a citizen with rights and duties.

He should draw a line between his dreams and rights.

Dreams may come true after getting rights or a secure and safe house provided with service. He can yet dream of a decent job in terms of the station, post according to qualifications, hard work, and achievement; not according to any affiliations. He can dream after a marriage of a good environment to have and raise children. Is that too much for a resident performing his duties and beyond whenever asked? We have the right to wonder: who made them see their rights as dreams? One may be quick to blame governments’ policies. But we would like to argue that it is the opportunists, who are all over media outlets, promoting those upstairs to always maintain the wrong persons in the right place in respect comes decision-making. Those opportunists are misleading the citizens by depicting that their rights, now perceived as dreams, will not come true unless they are more obedient, and overlook being robbed of their potentials and messing in their names.

Those flatterers, almost characterized by being smart, mentally-retarded, good at kissing up to people, misleading and compliment, have yielded nothing but squandered the rights.

A bootlicker was said was ready to swallow his pride to gain the heart of the chief of the village. The bootlickers found no other way to the heart of the Chief except to serve his donkey, cleaning its stable every day. We have oceans of similar guys who are ready to swallow their pride. They are not preparing mounts for chiefs to ride, but they are YES officials to mount the residents, they are cleansing stables but filling everywhere with their rubbish, justifying their stooping down to officials as being in charge of some committees.

Is it reasonable for residents to expect their rights to be provided drop by drop whereas resources are enough for all if distributed fairly?

Would it be sensible for people to expect rights from bootlicker?

The stripes of the latter are the ones who have contaminated people’s minds with perceptions to see their rights as dreams.

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