The Ministry of Commerce announces its sponsorship of the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce for Ports

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Khartoum — The completion of today at the Ministry of Commerce was a meeting between the Minister of Trade and Supply Ali Gedo, the President of the Employers Union, Engineer Hashem Matar, the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Sheikh Mustafa Al-Amin, and the President of the Chamber of Exporters Omar Bashir Al-Khalifa.

The Minister of Trade and Supply, Ali Gedo, stressed the ministry’s adoption and sponsorship of the Chamber of Commerce’s initiative around the Port of Port Sudan, and that it is welcomed by the government. On the issue of economic reform adopted by the state and the implementation of single window procedures within the plan of the ministry and the transitional government,
The minister noted that the partnership between the ministry and the private sector is important, especially with the Federation of Employers and the Chamber of Commerce, and it will solve many problems facing work, noting that the transfer of the Oil Grains Company to the ministry made it a key partner in the development and promotion of exports.

For his part, the head of the Federation of Employers, Engineer Hashem Matar, said that the country is going through difficult conditions and difficult labors that require us to join hands with each other to get out of the crisis, noting that the union is working hard to support the transitional government in implementing economic reform programmes, and we are through partnership with the Ministry of Commerce. And supply and through twinning with the government to solve the problems of exports and imports and to support production.

Hashem pointed out that the meeting that took place today with the Minister of Commerce, in which the initiative of the National Chamber of Exporters was presented to develop exports through the ports, and to solve the problems facing exports and imports and their flow through Port Sudan, noting that it will create a new reality to solve problems by lining up people around the initiative.

He noted that during the meeting, the Minister confirmed securing the initiative and transferring it to the economic sector in the Council of Ministers, and it will be officially announced next week, explaining that it comes within the framework of the plan of the Federation of Employers, Unions and Chambers affiliated under it to solve problems, and is aimed at developing work and accelerating procedures for exporters and importers.

For his part, the President of the Federation of Chamber of Commerce Sheikh Mustafa Al-Amin said that the meeting that took place with the minister to put forward the initiative by the Chamber of Commerce and within the framework of consultations with the ministry and the transitional government, pointing out that the initiative will be adopted and officially presented by the Prime Minister in the coming days through A big celebration, adding that it will be in the framework of increasing production and productivity and solving the problems facing Sudanese exports and their access to global markets, and added that the Chamber of Commerce is ready to support the single window project and implement it to facilitate procedures.

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