Transitional Council Member Aqar: The Blue Nile region has its own Political and Historical distinctiveness

Staff Writer

Khartoum — A member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Malik Aqar Air, confirmed that the Blue Nile region has its political and historical distinctiveness, as it has been suffering from the effects of war during the last period.

And he said, in a press statement, after his meeting at the Republican Palace today, the governor of the Blue Nile region, Ahmed Al-Omda Badi, that the governor of the region awaits him after performing the oath of great tasks, foremost of which is the development of the constitution, regulations, and laws for the exercise of autonomy as an old modern experience that requires different standards and mechanisms.

He urged the member of the Sovereignty Council, the governor of the region to take into account the ethnic and cultural differences, and the wars that the region has suffered, and to work to improve the social fabric by achieving internal reconciliations away from the bitterness of the past.

His Excellency drew attention to the country’s senior leadership, to the need to pay attention to what is happening in Sudan and the region in particular during the coming months, so as not to lose Sudan, which needs diligent work and a minimum agreement to ensure stability.

Sovereign member Malik Aqar called for the optimal use of the great resources that the region enjoys and setting priorities for spending on them to achieve development and prosperity for the citizens of the region.

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