UNESCO and GAAM confirm damage to Royal Tombs in Nori and Karma due to Ground Water Leakage

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Khartoum — The Joint Mission of the General Authority for Museums and Antiquities(GAAM) and UNESCO have confirmed to the study of groundwater leakage and its impact on the archaeological areas and Nori that groundwater flooded the most important royal grave in the two regions and the mission expressed concern over the risks of groundwater leakage of archaeological sites and the joint mission Which includes UNESCO and Sudanese universities and the General Authority for Antiquities and Museums on the preparation of a report on the results of their visit to the northern state of the recent damage to heritage after floods and floods in the past year for the good preparation for the next rainy season and the protection of archaeological sites.

Professor Abdel-Hay Abdel-Sawy, director of archeological disclosure, said in a statement That it was clear to the mission that there was a danger to heritage as a result of leakage of groundwater for the surface of the earth, impacting the royal civil and pyramids and sites in Karma
The purpose of the visit was collected from citizens about the phenomenon of water infusion on the surface of underground

He said the mission was found to fall into houses as a result of water leaking. Al-Sawy also pointed to a rise in the water level of King Nastasen’s Cemetery.

The Mission raised information on the flow of water with agricultural projects on the Nuri region and the agricultural project with his dignity and also the project of Buraiq Agriculture and Devofah Agricultural
He stressed that the flow of water in those projects as a result of the irrigation system of the channels from the Nile to increase the level of groundwater

He pointed to the importance of an irrigation system, which is previously through wells.

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