Any Responses from the Ministry of Health?!

Mohammed Saad Kamil

In a journalistic investigation, the Brown Land newspaper publishes documents about non-profit drugs worth 11 million dollars that were destroyed due to neglect.

Sudan suffers from a severe crisis in terms of treatment and health, as medicines are scarce, the medical staff is numerically weak, and a complete imbalance in the health system with some humanitarian organizations trying to intervene and help, but they are shocked by the bitter fall of the failure of all procedures.

United Mission for Relief and Development, UMR is an American organization based in Washington that was established in 2013 and operates in 24 countries in the world and was registered in Sudan two years ago.

(Dr. Abed Ayoub, head of the organization): I visited Sudan more than once and got to know the required medical need through my visits to various hospitals, and several containers were previously sent. And the last time we sent several 7 containers in the month of 11-2019 to Sudan by arrangement with the Ministry of Health should be interested in clearing it from customs, including a 40-foot container worth 11 million dollars containing medicines that were delivered to Port Sudan on 27 August 2020 after completing the medicines and poisons procedures and the Ministry of Health’s approval this container is still in Port Sudan port and it is registered in the name of the Ministry of Health with us paying the value of the floor rental to store it. But now this container must be destroyed due to its presence at a high temperature for a long period.

Mohi El-Din Awad, Secretary-General of the organization, says: Certificates were extracted from OFC to help Sudan, and the organization was registered in Sudan after two-year procedures I think the work in the Ministry of Health should be reviewed. I met three ministers of health and wrote letters to them, but we did not respond. We were surprised to find that the container has not been received until this moment. A short while ago, we had an appointment with the Minister of Health, but he apologized after we arrived at the ministry. The only glimmer of hope that we found was through our meeting with the First Deputy of the Sovereignty Council, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, who cared about the issue and promised to look into it and work to fix it it it such problems in the future. We thank him very much.

After informing a pharmacist about the list of medicines, he confirmed that it was a very important shipment and that most of them are unavailable or expensive in Sudan.

To find out the response of the Federal Ministry of Health regarding the drug container, we contacted the Director of Grants and Endowments in the Ministry, and she said that she needed time to be able to collect information about the drug container, then I contacted her about an hour later, and she said that she could not answer in the name of the ministry and she directed me to a person called Muhammad Al-Alam, the press advisor to the Ministry of Health The one who told me that he is busy now and can’t answer, and he will reply to me after half an hour and Indeed, Muhammad called me and introduced himself as the Director of Information in the Office of the Minister of Health, and said that he had no information on this file, but that he would arrange an appointment for me with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, on Tuesday, the 6th of July.

We will try to contact the Ministry of Health during this week to find out the answer, and the ministry’s statement will be published in the next issue of Brown Land if they respond…

Early correspondence indicating the UMR’s will to help Sudan, and their plan to send a container full of assorted medicine
Reply from the Ministry of Health promising co-operation on the matter
UMR President asking for assistance in getting the container out of the harbor after it was held up for a long time
Lawyer’s letter bringing the attention of the Ministry that they should not ignore the UMR

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