Dagalo: The Transitional Government has made Achievements, and We Will Not Allow a Military Coup to Happen

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The First Deputy Chairman of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Commander of the Rapid Support Forces, Lieutenant-General Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, confirmed that the transitional government has achieved many achievements in view of the 30-year siege on the country.

Addressing forces at Qari base today, the First Deputy said that the state, despite the lapses, is moving at a steady pace to address the economic, political, and social conditions.

He added that the transitional government has made achievements by returning Sudan to the bosom of the international community, starting debt relief, and removing Sudan from the list of state sponsors of terrorism, as well as Achieving peace, which is the greatest achievement in terms of saving the blood of the Sudanese, and added, “We have turned the page of the war and we hope it will not return.”

Dagalo stated that some of the failures in the transitional period were caused by the loss of patriotism, pointing out that if these people had a small amount of patriotism, Sudan would have overcome the situation in which it is now living. lack of resources), indicating that all states of Sudan have advantages that must be harnessed for the benefit of the citizen, stressing that economic conditions will witness continuous improvement if intentions are made.

Dagalo reassured that there would be no military coup that would undermine the transitional period, pointing out that politicians are the ones who give opportunities to coups by being preoccupied with power and neglecting development.

Saying: “We, the military, will not allow a coup to happen… We want a real democratic transformation through free and fair elections, not like what happened in the past from cheating.” By exchanging a box for a box,” he added, “the boxes filled with money from outside and in the air, they empty out again.”

The First Deputy praised the efforts of all the regular forces in guarding the country and the frontiers and said that the armed forces, the rapid support, the police, and the intelligence service are the country’s stakes stationed in the frontiers to protect them.

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