Deaths Due to Flooding of the Blue Nile After a Large Influx of Water from Ethiopia

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The General Administration of Civil Defense in Sudan revealed the state of torrential rains and floods during the past 24 hours in all states of the country. All technical reports indicated an increase in the levels of the Blue Nile in all stations due to the successive rainfall on the Ethiopian plateau.

Police Brigadier General Qurashi Hussein Abdel Qader, Director of the Emergency and Disaster Department at the General Directorate of Civil Defense, said that the level of the Blue Nile in Sennar State, Wad Abbas City, recorded 15.77 m, an increase of 13 cm from Wednesday.

He added that the Wad Madani station recorded the level of the Blue Nile in the range of 18.20 m, pointing to the continuation of the efforts of the Civil Defense Department in the operations of water suction and strengthening the Nile gears in some villages of the locality of Qurashi, south of the island.

Al Matama locality witnessed heavy rain accompanied by moderate winds, which led to the collapse of a number of houses in the Abu Raqiwa and Al Zaydab areas, and the damage of a primary school.

Police Brigadier General Qurashi Hussein Abdel Qader explained that the main Nile River recorded today 14.78 m, 28 cm higher than on Wednesday, while the Atbara River recorded 13.82 m, 25 cm higher than yesterday.

He stated that due to the high waters of the Blue Nile, a male and female student drowned in the Blue Nile off the land side after the current swept them into the river, and the river rescue unit is still continuing its efforts to find the two bodies.

The official warned the citizens and asked them to stay away from rivers and places of water gatherings, in order to achieve the public safety of life and property.

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