International Health Industry Development Forum — Thinking and Exploration of Adapting to the Development of a New Global Economy

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On August 2021, International Health Industry Development Summit Forum was held at Tiens Group in Wuqing District, Tianjin, China. This summit consists of three sessions. They are “International Health Management”, “Global Supply Chain Layout”, “New Economy, New Media, New Marketing” three major sections. Forum activities combined with Tiens Group “One Body, Multiple Wings” Innovative and its Business Model exploration practice and results in the unique business realm. Through keynote speeches, VIP presentations, and other activities, the Forum builds a multilevel and multidimensional platform in the international health industry for idea exchange and interaction.

The “International Health Management” section invited Mr. Zhou Bangyong, the vice-chairman of the China Health Care Association, to give a speech on the topic of “International Health Development”. The “Global Supply Chain Layout” section invites Professor He Mingke, the vice president and doctoral supervisor of Beijing Institute of Materials, to share the relevant content of the key project of the National Social Science Funding Project of “Global Supply Chain Restructuring and the Countermeasures Research in China”.

The session also covers the launching ceremony of the overseas warehouse of Tiens branch offices in Russia, the Czech Republic, and Nigeria. The “New Economy, New Media, New Marketing” section invites Professor Zhang Lei, a doctoral tutor at the Communication University of China, to give a speech entitled “New Infrastructure for Local Economic Ecology”.

As the organizer of the Forum, Tiens Group has deeply cultivated in the grand health field for 26 years. The group has established branches in 110 countries around the world, with its business covering 224 countries and regions. It has more than 47 million stable household consumer groups in the world. Mr. Li Jinyuan, Chairman of Tiens Group, says that as a leader in the grand health industry, Tiens faces a new economic situation of current global society, rapid changes in popular lifestyles and consumption patterns. By a global perspective, Tiens actively adapts to the global economic transformation and upgrading. The group is decisively developing its third venture, practicing its global business model of the “One Body with Multiple Wings” Initiative. The theory of “One Body Multiple Wings” is based on the genes of Tiens traditional industry. Through “Internet+” Ideology, the group develops its cross-border e-commerce, grand health industry, and international tourism and global experience center. It realizes global resources interconnection.

Currently, relying on the original market, operations, products, payment, and supply chain resources, and other advantages, Tiens has built a new e-commerce platform for JTMM global cross-border social members to buy globally, sell globally, and replace the resource with each other in the world. With a brand-new mechanism model and technical system, the platform has now launched in Europe, Eurasia, Asia-Pacific, Africa, America, and the Middle East, and has achieved coverage in 224 countries and regions around the world. With the help of JTMM unique global cross-border e-commerce platform + 5G community fission + KOL/Celebrity online live broadcast + global social media integration model, and by Tiens Internet celebrity live broadcast business incubation base, Tiens Group is committed to creating an online celebrity economic ecosystem that integrates talent incubation, talent training, online celebrity competitions, live broadcast, and shopping.

Tiens is devoting to create China’s first full-industry chain Internet content ecological complex.

In 2021, Tiens has fully launched its strategy in experience shops and shop-enroll-shop upgrading to accelerate the promotion of the SPA KARE Project. The new launch aims at achieving global coverage of comprehensive health and wellness experience shops and flagship shops. The experience store project is devoting to help people pursuing a refined life, with its projects covering weight loss and body shaping, comprehensive skin management, eugenics, physiotherapy and maintenance, four common chronic diseases, dampness coldness in the body, health spine, and bones, immunity improvement, vision care, etc.

From the experience effects of using the equipment to subsequent standardized, customer-oriented, and professional services, and health management of the SPA KARE app, the experience store project forms a full-chain, all-around, and full-process expansion closed-loop, achieving high customer conversion rates and continuous product consumption.

It will realize the referral of members joining and operators enrolling afterward, which will surely achieve a new business model of distributing and serving products with network, network supporting shop operation, shop operation expanding network and network boosting product distribution and service, and create the core competitiveness that belongs to Tiens unique charm.

Tiens Group’s 26 years of accumulation has laid a solid foundation in all links of the global trade industry chain: including the sharing of global supply chain resources, global authoritative quality inspection resources, global customs channel resources, global logistics channels, global payment channels, global tax financing experience, global legal entity custody and affiliates, global consulting services, global operating system resources, global education system resources, global customer service system resources, global IT information resources, etc. With changeable and adaptable thinking, Tiens has realized the mutual leverage and of effective conversion of global online and offline resources in the development process.

Currently, Tiens is optimizing the operating mechanism of the Global Cross-border Social Contact E-commerce Platform, building an internet content ecological complex, speeding up the global supply chain layout, and advancing experience shop strategy. With the concept of “co-existence, shared responsibility, and win-win solution”, Tiens pushes in-depth expansion on the worldwide market. It joins hands with shared-mind partners on building a global dual cycle of win-win cooperation, to realize a global alliance to create the career, and jointly explore new opportunities for the integrated development of the global health industry!

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