President of Sovereignty Council, Lt-Gen Al-Burhan, Participates in the Inauguration Ceremony of the Governor of the Darfur Region in El Fasher

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In the midst of wide official and popular participation, a ceremonial ceremony took place today in El Fasher for the inauguration of Mr. Mona Arko Minawi, as governor of the Darfur region, led by the President of the Sovereign Council, Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan Abdel Rahman, Mr. Mohamed Hassan Al-Taishi, member of the Sovereign Council, and a number of ministers, governors of Darfur states and representatives Diplomatic missions in Sudan and popular delegations that included leaders of the Native Administration and Sufi sheiks,
The head of the Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant-General Corner Al-Burhan, when addressing the celebration today at the command square of the Sixth Infantry Division in El Fasher, confirmed that the completion of the inauguration of Mr. Minni Arko Minawi, as governor of the Darfur region, is an essential step in implementing a peace track in Darfur.

His Excellency pledged to work with peace partners to protect and preserve peace, in order to establish a state of citizenship, equality, and freedom, noting that building and maintaining peace is a shared responsibility between the parties to peace and the Sudanese people.

Al-Burhan said that he came to El-Fasher to participate in this occasion on behalf of the Sudanese government and people, confirming our determination and standing firm with peace, in fulfillment of the Sudanese people who made peace a reality with the sacrifices they made.

His Excellency renewed the determination of the transitional government and its seriousness in implementing the Juba Agreement for the Peace of Sudan, item by item.

His Excellency affirmed that the peace parties will immediately start implementing the security arrangements clause and the formation of joint forces to establish peace in Darfur.
Al-Burhan stressed the need to do justice to the displaced and refugees and compensate them for some of what they lost and restore their dignity because they deserve it.

Addressing the governor of the Darfur region, Mona Arko Minawi, he said, “The people of Darfur are a trust in your neck.”
The President of the Sovereignty Council called on Abdul Wahid Muhammad Nour and Abdul Aziz Al-Hilu to feel the suffering of their families, displaced and refugees, and to speed up to join the path of peace.

During his address to the inauguration ceremony of the governor of Darfur, the President of the Sovereignty Council saluted the peacemakers of the leaders of the armed struggle movements, friends, and brothers in the state of South Sudan, led by President Salva Kiir Mayardit. He also saluted the state of Chad and its late president Idriss Deby, who said, “He gave a lot to peace in Sudan.”

For his part, Governor of the Darfur region, Mr. Moni Arko Minawi, welcomed the attendees from the inauguration ceremony and said that he will work with everyone to improve the situation in Darfur, pointing out that his appointment as governor of the region will not be at the expense of the role of the governors of Darfur states.

Minawi identified a number of issues, which he said would be among the priorities of his government in the coming period, foremost of which is implementing the security arrangements item, working to establish security, and the immediate start of reconciliations between the social components, in addition to paying attention to developing agriculture in partnership with the defense industries system of the armed forces and continuing in the water network funded by the African Bank.

In addition, the Governor of North Darfur State, Nimr Muhammad Abdul Rahman, considered the occasion of the inauguration of the governor of the Darfur region a historic occasion and an opportunity to bring peace to the ground.

The celebration also addressed representatives of the Native Administration and the displaced and refugees.

It is noteworthy that the inauguration of Mona Arko Minawi as governor of the Darfur region comes in implementation of the benefits of the Juba Agreement for the Peace of Sudan signed between the transitional government and armed struggle movements in October of last year, which approved the return of Sudan to the system of regional governance.

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