The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation of America Meets Minister of Livestock

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An American institution working in the field of livestock promotion has expressed its desire to invest in the livestock sector in Sudan. The American Foundation discussed with the Sudanese Ministry of Animal Resources the development of studies and investment plans and a mechanism for supporting the private sector through investment projects.

Sudanese Minister of Livestock Hafez Ibrahim Abdel Nabi met, in Khartoum, on Sunday, with the delegation of the American Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which works to promote livestock.

The Minister listened to the Foundation’s experiences, its work in some countries, and its role in improving animal health.

In addition to providing soft loans and financial grants, and its interest in improving and developing the livestock sector. The meeting dealt with how to develop livestock in Sudan and its position with neighboring countries of a pastoral nature through animal movement.

In addition to how to enumerate and identify the animal.

The meeting discussed the development of studies and investment plans and the mechanism of supporting the private sector through the provision of investment projects.

He also stressed the need to manufacture vaccines to combat diseases, and the continuation of joint meetings between the two parties.

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