Khartoum and Beijing Seek Economic Partnership

Ahmed Hassan Hurga

China-Sudan ties have presented a model for Sino-African cooperation for 58 years since their establishment, during which the two sides have expressed keenness to enhance their ties and create new impetus to strengthen economic cooperation.

Sudan is grateful to China for providing it with valued assistance as a strategic partner when Sudan was under complete economic siege. The Sudanese government is looking forward to Chinese assistance. The exchange of visits by officials from both sides and the establishment of joint projects remain tried-and-true means for boosting historical ties, strengthening common denominators, and deepening mutual respect.

Sudan’s relationship with China is historical, deeply rooted, and strategic. This is a model relationship that hopefully will continue and shift to wider horizons, and maintaining China-Sudan relations.

Geological studies are indicating that Sudan owns great reserves of oil and gas in many areas of the country. He said Sudan has now become an inspiring model for the oil industry, and the country is currently preparing for China-Sudan cooperation in the agricultural field.

 The two countries have a lot of cooperation potential, adding, for example, that Sudan boasts huge agricultural, mineral, and animal resources, as well as the food industry. The partnership between Sudan and China in these fields can achieve great success. The Belt and Road Initiative would add new momentum to the relationship between Sudan and China as Sudan represents a link between the African continent and the Arab region. China represents Sudan’s most important external partner in all domains.

China is the most important partner in Sudan’s external relations, and even if the United States lifted its sanctions on Sudan, this will not change the fact that China is the most important economic partner for Sudan.

Sudan can utilize its geographical location, according to the Belt and Road Initiative, where China can establish land transport lines linking the Mediterranean Sea until Cape Town, and also linking entire Africa across Sudan. The diplomatic ties between Sudan and China were established in 1959, followed by the first protocol for commercial exchange between the two countries signed in 1962. China is Sudan’s largest trade partner, and Sudan, in turn, ranks third among China’s African economic partners.

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