The National Swimming Championships Starts

Staff Writer

All the administrative and technical arrangements have been completed by the Sudanese Swimming Federation to launch the activities of the Republic Swimming Championship, from 26 to 29 August.

In the swimming pool of the Grand Hotel Hotel, with the participation of a multitude of states. Mr. Tariq Abdel Salam, Secretary of the Sudanese Swimming Federation, explained that all aspects related to the tournament had been completed after the arrival of the participating missions in the Republic Championship.

For swimming, led by Mr. Adel Ali, the hotel manager, Mrs. Naglaa Abdel Hafeez Al-Rifai, the marketing officer, and Mr. Mohi El-Din Al-Fadil, the director of the Sales and Marketing Department, noting that the large hotel has an Olympic-style swimming pool and has advantages that differ from other swimming pools through the availability of rooms next to the gym, explaining that the pool hosts events The Republic Championship will reflect on him great gains and constitute a real addition to the infrastructure of the role of sports in general and swimming in particular.

Expressing his welcome once again and his happiness in cooperating with the hotel family and the great contribution made by the hotel within the framework of social responsibility for the success of the event.

The Secretary of the Swimming Federation revealed that several difficulties and challenges faced by the federation for the sake of the championship, but with the determination and determination of all, were successfully overcome.

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