Ministry of Irrigation Launches the First National Water Resource Strategy

Staff Writer

The Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, Prof. Yassir Abbas will kick off on October 4, 2021, the workshop of the first national water resources strategy for the upcoming ten years (2021 – 2031) in the presence of the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdallah Hamdok.

The National Water Resource Strategy provides the framework for the protection, use, development, conservation, management, and control of water resources for the country as a whole.

The National Water Resource Strategy includes three main axes i.e. Water Resources Management, Drinking Water Supply, Irrigation Systems, besides the challenges, chances of intervention to best utilization of the sustainable resources, and the seasonal rainfalls to provide water for drinking and agriculture.

It is worth noting that experts from the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources, academics, and intensive participation of the stakeholders designed the proposed National Water Resource Strategy, besides regional and international specialized parties e.g. UN, UNICEF, FAO, WB. Along with experts from abroad e.g. USA, Netherlands, UK, and Africa.

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