Red Sea Governor Witnesses Activities of the First Economic Conference

Staff Writer

The Governor of the Red Sea, Engineer Abdullah Shangaray, witnessed the activities of the first economic conference, which comes at the initiative of the Red Sea University Alumni Union, to formulate a systematic scientific vision for the full exploitation of the state’s resources under the slogan (the optimal use of resources to achieve comprehensive sustainable development).

To this, the governor addressed the opening session of the conference, explaining that the optimal use of resources is the main engine for development and achieving the aspirations of the Sudanese people. Noting that the state’s economic conference comes as a continuation of the national economic conference following the civilian government’s priorities for integrated planning, and drawing a road map for the state’s plan for the next year 2022 AD to effectively contribute to the national product. 

For his part, the head of the preparatory committee for the conference, Al-Rasheed Hassan Suleiman, reviewed the stages of preparation for the conference and the scientific method for preparing papers that include the axes of food security – the sectors of mining – industry – investment – tourism – the economics of maritime transport – banking financing – marine resources – maximizing revenues and social responsibility.

The conference activities will continue over three days to discuss these papers, stressing the continuation of the initiative’s efforts so that the conference’s recommendations are reflected on the reality of development and prosperity in the state.

The head of the Red Sea University Alumni Association also clarified that the working papers were prepared by specialized bodies to unify research visions and provide a database for economic planning in the state.

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