The Bread and the UAE

Mohammed Saad Kamel

The top concern of the Sudanese people these days is how to get a loaf of bread.

I believe that this is the end of the path because hunger is the reason for all types of security and socio-economic collapse besides representing the most significant indicator for the failure of the state.

Despite its failure in providing the basic needs of a dignified life, the government is continuously showing off its success in reducing the queues of fuel and bread as a great achievement, forgetting that what it provides is an acquired right for the citizens and that the government is tasked to organize and administrate the huge resources of the country which everybody knows.

I followed a video where a man is showing a nice villa in the UAE which is a sample of the UAE government plan to distribute thousands of similar villas to the UAE citizens for free as part of its social system.

The video is nice but shocking to the Sudanese whom government is proud that it managed to bring an end to the queues of fuel. I would like here to remind the government that people are unable to buy fuel because of its high price after lifting the subsidies and accordingly there will be no queues around the petrol stations.

As usual, the government subjects its failure to ill-founded reasons such as the deep state or the inheritance from the ousted regime or other similar justifications which the people are fade up with.

All that is going on now is the dispute and wrangling over power without any care for the daily problems facing the citizens.

Thumbs up to the UAE government and people; to hell to the Sudanese government if it continues its failure.

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