Ministry of Interior Affair’s Police Force Presidency Press release

Police Press Office

Within the framework of securing the 30/December/2021 processions that took place in the metropolises of some states (Khartoum / Red Sea / River Nile / Al Jazeera and Kassala), the police forces implemented the insurance plan approved in all its axes by the states’ security committees, preceded, as usual, by preventive and preventive measures for those who pose a danger and threat to the peace movement; drug dealers (Nerfax and Ice Crystal pills) were also seized, but the participation of the unruly and those with a purpose among the demonstrators tended to sabotage and attack the forces with a clear and organized tactic that indicates the participation of professionals with leaders who harbor clear hostility to the regular forces and they continued to take advantage of the processions and peaceful expression and deviation towards confrontation with the forces instead From the peaceful expression of their demands, which derailed the movement into violence and confrontation that leads to unimaginable consequences. Through the statistics, the following resulted:

In Khartoum state, 4 deaths occurred in the Omdurman locality, 297 demonstrators were injured, 49 policemen were injured, including 2 officers, and three police vehicles were burned. In East Nile locality and Gezira state, 1 soldier was injured, Kassala state, 3 policemen were injured, and Red Sea state, one citizen was injured.

The rest of the states also witnessed a movement, and police officers did not record any injuries. The Presidency of the Police Forces expresses its regret and denunciation of any violations that occurred on all sides and led to human losses or damage to public and private property.

And it calls for a commitment to peace and cooperation with the leaders of the movement to coordinate and work together to expose the owners of the purpose and repeat criminals who seek to drive a wedge between the police and its people to achieve their agenda, foremost of which is chaos and instability.

To preserve the security of the homeland and the citizen, and not to hinder him from performing his daily activities. We also ask for mercy to those who have gone to their Lord and our condolences to their families especially. We ask God to heal all the wounded.

We affirm that we can enforce the law and apply it to all, whether it is for us or against us, without arbitrariness, complacency, or favoritism for one party over the other, to achieve justice and the prestige of the state, with wishes that the beginning of the year 2022 AD will be a turning point and a stand with oneself to achieve peace, freedom, and justice to build the country and serve our people in all states.

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