Sovereignty Council Vice-President Announces Suspension of the Path of the East, Sovereignty, Committees for Reparation and “Qald”

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The Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council, Commander of the Rapid Support Forces, Chairman of the Higher Committee for Resolving the Eastern Crisis, Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, announced the suspension of the eastern Sudan track in the peace negotiations until its components agree.

Dagalo said in press statements today, Thursday, “The parties to peace and the government, along with mediation, have reached a suspension of the eastern path, and the formation of a committee from the two parties to look into “counterfeit” issues, in addition to an agreement with the President of the Sovereign Council and the Prime Minister, to form a committee for reparations. Referring to the formation of a sub-committee of the Supreme Committee to act as facilitators between the parties, stressing the neutrality of its members.

Dagalo promised the people of eastern Sudan that all their issues would be resolved, and said that in the coming days we would turn the page of the east, stressing that the Supreme Committee is serious about resolving the crisis, noting that all the eastern parties agreed without nervousness to solve the problem, and he stated that the conflict and the estrangement between the people of the east were removed and that the parties aimed at Solve the problem.

The Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council noted that the people of the East will meet in the coming days at one table to solve their political and social issues.

He stressed that the East is important to its people and all Sudanese, and it goes beyond that to other countries that depend entirely on the ports of eastern Sudan, pointing out that the Supreme Committee to solve the East crisis will start its work immediately, and that the sub-committees will start from now on to start consultations between the parties to solve the problem of the East.

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