Concern in Sudanese Circles Over a Strange Invitation From the Washington Embassy

Staff Writer

The US Embassy in Sudan invites, through its official Facebook page, the Sudanese to watch a Senate hearing on the change that occurred on October 25, which activists considered blatant interference in Sudanese affairs, neutralizing and affecting public opinion, although the Sudanese Sovereignty Council expressed its concern about the activity of some diplomatic missions in recent times.

Brown Land contacted the US embassy through one of its officials, who said that the embassy considers the invitation to be normal and does not represent a violation of Sudan’s sovereignty. The newspaper also contacted the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to respond to what was issued by the American embassy in Sudan, but it did not receive an official response from the ministry.

Political and media circles also denounced the invitation made by the US embassy in Khartoum to attend the hearing.

These circles considered the Washington embassy in Khartoum to take this step as interference in the internal affairs of Sudan, demanding at the same time the American administration to follow a balanced policy in Sudan to preserve security and stability.

They made it clear that the Biden administration should work to encourage the Sudanese-Sudanese dialogue impartially without taking sides at the expense of the other, stressing that the Sudanese people continued to strongly reject interference in their internal affairs and prejudice to their national sovereignty.

The US Embassy in an exclusive statement to Brown Land: We do not see any problem with the invitation to watch the Senate session.

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