Khaled Abdel Aziz, a Sudanese Journalist Amongst the Best in (Reuters)

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The Reuters news agency chose Sudanese journalist Khaled Abdel Aziz among the winners of its award for best journalists for the year 2021.

Khaled the journalist had this to say on his Facebook page: “Praise be to God, I was chosen among the winners of the Reuters Award for Best Journalists for the year 2021 AD. Covering the conflict in Ethiopia, where “Story of the year” was selected as the best coverage by (Reuters) for the year 2021.

Khaled added, “This is an honor that I am proud of, and I hope to be at the good faith of winning among the best journalists for Reuters for the past year, according to strict professional standards and competition among all journalists affiliated with the agency at the level of its offices in different countries of the world.”

He explained: “The agency’s official celebration of the winners will be next March. And I received a gentle message from the editor-in-chief of Reuters congratulating this choice. My sincere thanks and appreciation to Reuters, from whom I learned a lot in the field of journalism and life experience. My deepest thanks go to everyone I learned from in the profession of journalism, especially the honorable professors whose white hands I used in the Sudanese press. modest in the journalistic field.

Congratulations were poured out on journalist Khaled from colleagues in the profession on (Facebook) and through other communication groups, emphasizing his excellence, uniqueness, and deserving of the award.

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