Sudanese Consulate Arranges Meetings to Discuss the State of Sudanese Citizens Detained in Asosa

Staff Writer

As part of the efforts undertaken by the Sudanese Consulate in Asosa to follow up the conditions of the Sudanese, especially those detained by the authorities there, a series of meetings were held with several competent authorities, senior officials in the state of Benishangul, the Governor of Asosa and the security authorities to release the Sudanese arrested for violations of entry to Ethiopia by illegal means.

The consulate communicated with the head of the Shorki locality and the police, army, and security of the locality, which is 150 kilometers from the capital, Azusa, the authorities agreed to release 25 Sudanese detainees, who were handed over to the Sudanese authorities in the city of Qaisan in Blue Nile State.

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