VP of the Sovereignty Council receives a phone call from the US Assistant Secretary of State

Staff Writer

Khartoum 4-1-2022 AD — Vice-President of the Sovereign Council, Lieutenant-General Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, received a phone call from the US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Ms. Mary Phee, in which both sides emphasized the need to complete the arrangements for the democratic transition in the country, leading to elections at the end of the transitional period.

Daglo provided a detailed explanation to help the US Secretary of State on the political situation in the country, praising the great interest the US government attaches to Sudan, expressing his hope that the United States will continue its efforts to help Sudan move forward in the democratic transition process. The political crisis that the country is witnessing lies in initiating a comprehensive dialogue that leads to a national consensus that includes all Sudanese.

For her part, Mrs. Mary Phee affirmed her country’s keenness to cooperate and coordinate with the government of Sudan for the success of the transitional phase and the achievement of democratic transition. Democratic Party in their country, and indicated the possibility of benefiting from the UNITAMS mission in playing the role of mediator to bring the views of the Sudanese parties closer.

 The phone call between the Vice President of the Sovereignty Council and the Assistant Secretary of State came within the framework of consultation, coordination, and reassurance on the progress of the democratic transition process.

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